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The Petty Goings-On of My Life
I alter when I alteration find.
O Captain! My Captain

There are people out there who probably can resist using this poem for Spock Prime / TOS Kirk, but I am not one of them. Spock Prime misses his Kirk.

Disclaimer: Blah blah, not mine, blah blah blah, belong to Paramount etc (and, in the case of the poem, written by Walt Whitman), blah blah blah. (PS. I'm not making any money, blah blah, etc.).
Pairing: Spock Prime / Kirk Prime (Spock/Kirk)
Rating: G
Summary: When Spock (Prime) had been young and arrogant, he had scoffed at the human propensity for sentimentality. For accepting comfort in whatever form it presented itself. However false, however illogical. Since then, he has lost his t'hy'la and his planet. And a whole lot of certainty to go with it. Inspired by the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" by Walt Whitman.
O Captain! My Captain!Collapse )

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1. I dogged Jo by accident and I feel bad.

2. I am not going to have my enrolment cancelled because I have figured out this re-enrolment business. Woohoo. (Not even open yet, what an early bird I am.)

3. I get to pick my suuubbbjjeeeeccctttsss for next year. Oh yeah. I don't know how I will narrow it down to four, but I'm sure they'll all suck once the semester starts.

4. I spoke to this guy I met at the station and it was awesome, because the guy was cool, but mainly I was talking to A Stranger. I felt v. empowered.

5. Nanny is here right now and I should go and talk to her.


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Fuck Revenge of the Nerds and their stupid sexist crap. Filming girls in changing rooms is not, like, harmless revenge or whatever. It's illegal you fuckers. And pretending to be somebody you're not so you can get laid is also totally unethical. Seriously. If they want to be all conservative with their race issues (seriously, the Japanese guy was never on screen without a fucking camera!), and their gender issues, they can be conservative about their not tricking women into sleeping with them. Or, you know, not "sleeping around"; you want to be poor oppressed nerds? Be fucking nerds. This was just the stupidest fucking movie ever. They're nerds but they get laid, and they don't care what anyone thinks about them, but they film the hot girls to jerk off to. And the head cheerleader has to fall in love with one of them ... after he tricks her into sleeping with him! But, of course, she's the jerk. Uh-huh. Pfft. I'm so angry. Just another bunch of
nice guys in nerd guise who think girls they want to fuck are obliged to fuck them. Fuck them. And fuck that creepy father guy at the start (even creepier because I last saw him in LA Confidential as the evil guy). Fuck that whole stupid movie that was all about the guys and their dicks and their fucking egos.

(And I thought Freaks and Geeks was annoying....)
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Today is my birthday. Yay, go me. I have successfully not died for nineteen years.
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I am the form of the toad,


I reflect and I absorb.


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Maybe, he says.

Well fuck you too.

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It was so foggy early this morning. It was the coolest thing ever. I went driving, and could actually see two distinct beams from my headlights. And at the traffic lights, you could see an indistinct (and short) beam from the orange and green lights. And the streetlights! It made me want to move to London.
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For reasons I don't really want to get into (due to their being lame, not troubling), I'd really appreciate any (reliable!) information you could direct me to about any of the following:
  • the slave trade
  • sweatshop labour
  • corporations and/or governments interfering illegally with other countries and/or governments
  • anything else in the same vein.
Thanks in advance.
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Am I the only person in the world who hates Rickman!Snape? Too chubby, and he's a theatre actor, not a film actor. Rickman's Snape is a (chubby) caricature, and it is ruining my beloved Snape for me.

ETA: And too old! He's supposed to be, what? 34-35 in GoF? Bah.

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So, I stayed over at Stuart's last night. He has class this morning so I sleep in.

Get up, shower, get dressed, internetise, pack my bag ... try to leave.

I've been locked in. Why? Because Stuart said he'd left me a key when he hadn't. Being locked in + claustrophobia = Angry Yvette.

Somebody's coming to let me out at 4. Only another hour and a half of last-tute-for-the-semester missage then. Wonderful.

Current Mood: claustrophobic

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